1/2" Carrier Bearing      SHIMS   
UHMW-PE  $ 19.00                                    

ALUMINUM $ 29.00                                    

Order 1 shim for each 2" of rear suspension lift.
Channel Frame Bracket
903.652.4640     LazarSmith     8231 US Highway 271   South  Pattonville, TX     75468

Axle Bracket
Frame Bracket

Priced individually
with hardware.

Now available!

4-link traction bars
for sled-pulling.

3-link bars for

Safety Shields

Billet Aluminum
TIG-welded Steel
Twin Turbo 2nd Gen w/Drag Bars
                                    Street Sleepers    Drag Bars    Lazar Bars    Lazar IIs    Sled Bars   Monster Bars
Length (heim center-to-center)                42-49"               52-59"           52-59"          53-63"         77-87"            81-91"         

Weight (complete kit)                                45 #                   55 #              65 #             70 #             80 #               90 #           

Heim joint inside diameter                         3/4"                   3/4"               3/4"               1"                 1"                   1"             

Diameter (major O.D. of tube)                 1.915"                1.915"           2.375"          2.375"           2.375"           2.875"         

Price (complete kit with hardware)        
$ 650.00            $ 695.00       $ 795.00       $ 845.00       $ 885.00       $ 995.00        

All joints TIG welded for strength and durability.   Locking tabs & tool for easy adjustment.

Stainless Steel Restraining Straps   18" 304SS cable with 304SS hardware                 $ 45.00/pair                   

Traction bar kits ship complete in gloss black finish with combination bolt-on/ weld-on frame and axle brackets,
heavy-duty forged heim joints with locking tabs, Grade 8 locking hardware, SS index pins and pre-load adjusting tool.
Bolt-on frame brackets (can also be used for welded installations) require 3/8" (channel frame) or 1/2" (box frame) holes.
Weld-on uncoated axle brackets to fit any axle tube diameter are available at no extra charge.
Traction bar compression pre-load is recommended and is adjustable to suit your individual driving preference.
Custom shorter lengths of any model available at no extra charge.
Twin Turbo 2nd Gen w/ Sled Bars
12 Step Program
2nd Gen with Sled Bars
2nd Gen with Drag Bars
Box Frame Heim Bracket
Dana 80 Brackets
AAM Axle Bracket
Adjustable Axle Blocks

Multi-position rear axle suspension travel limiters use the
factory bump-stops
* to quickly and easily change
minimum ride height in 1/4" increments to pass Tech!
Includes quick-release hitch pins & gloss color.
Use this section
to purchase your
special orders &
custom options.

$ 1.00 increments
Enter total $$$ in
the quantity box.

Traction Bars
6 models for pickup trucks with leaf spring
suspension - prices include brackets &
hardware for simple bolt-on installation.
*May not fit with some airbags
2nd Gen Dana axle                                             
per pair: $ 175.00
3rd Gen AAM axle                                              

Max height with bumpstop 9" - minimum height 5"
Taller max heights available on request for lifted trucks.
Hardware included
9 different height settings!
Boxed Frame
Channel Frame
Dana Axle
AAM Axle
$ 175.00
304SS Safety Restraint Kits

Required by sanctioning body rules to pass Tech
for competition at most drag strips & sled tracks.

Includes 304 stainless steel aircraft cable with
crimp-locked eyes and quick-connect 304SS shackles.

Simple installation!
          $ 45.00 per pair            
Custom 3/4" U-Bolts
compared to OEM !
Traction Block Kits

Combine custom height rear axle lift blocks with integral heavy-duty heim joint mounts for our traction bars!
Retain positive retention of lift blocks and up to 3/4" U-bolts for ultimate strength and stability.
Great for stock height or lifted trucks. TIG-welded steel in your choice of color coat.
Ships with heavy-duty top plates for use with round shoulder U-bolts (threads on top of leaf pack).

Specify lift or total block height in half-inch increments and axle type.   Also available with traction bar kits.
$ 485.00/ pair          $ 675.00 w/ U-bolts   w/ traction bars $ 380.00   w/ traction bars & U-bolts $ 570.00
Custom U-Bolts

Fabricated to your specification in any leg length,
leaf width, rod diameter, and shoulder configuration.
Ships with Grade 8 high-hex nuts and hardened washers.

Prevent axle tube slippage!

Please specify U-bolt type & dimensions.

                                $ 195.00 per set (2 pairs)                     
$ 485.00
Available for any ride height
Accepts 3/4" U-Bolts
$ 95.00
$ 90.00
$ 80.00
$ 85.00
$ 795.00
$ 695.00
$ 885.00
2nd Gen with Lazar Bars
2nd Gen with Monster Bars
$ 995.00
3rd Gen with Lazar II Bars
$ 845.00
Dodge   Chevrolet
Ford        GMC    
Works with off-road suspension
2WD AAM Axle Bracket
$ 115.00
Integral heim joint mounts
$ 485.00



$ 195.00
3rd Gen with Monster Bars
DuraMax with Sled Bars
3rd Gen with Street Sleepers
3rd Gen with Drag Bars
$ 995.00
$ 885.00
$ 650.00
$ 695.00
$ 155.00
Universal Axle Bracket
Traction Bars

Eliminate spring wrap caused by acceleration torque for
smoother take-offs, longer U-joint life, reduced clutch chatter,
firmer shifts with all transmissions and less wheel hop - while  
transferring more power to the tires for better mileage & ETs!

In addition to increasing towing and load capacity, they also
function as anti-roll devices during a turn and allow a stable ride
over potholes, railroad tracks and rutted washboard roads.

Great for snow, sand, rain and dirt!

The heim joints' long adjustment range lets the frame brackets
mount in a convenient location, and their preload is easily
adjusted for your own individual driving style and preference.
Tow to Race in a few minutes with the handy adjusting tool.

Bars & brackets also available separately.
Custom orders welcome.
You'll love the difference they make!
See specification chart below with dimensions & weight.
Non-slip hardened teeth & U-bolts.
Traction Blocks
$ 195.00
Top Plates
Accepts 3/4" U-Bolts
Available for Dana, AAM or Stirling axles
Gloss color coated in your color!
$ 185.00
$ 125.00
Ford Stirling Axle Brackets
Universal Axle Bracket

Easy bolt-on installation for any round-tube axle!